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  • Xenakis, I., & Arnellos, A., (Eds.). (2017). Special Issue on Aesthetic Perception. New Ideas in Psychology, Elsevier.

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Ph.D. Thesis


  1. Xenakis, I. (2016). Aesthetic science: towards a naturalized model of aesthetics. Presented at the 4th  Hellenic Conference in Philosophy of Science. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.
  2. Xenakis, I., & Arnellos ,A.. (2015). Feelings and the construction of perceptual content. Presented at the Interactivist Summer Institute 2015. Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.
  3. Xenakis, I., (2013). On the role of aesthetic emotions in sense-making: towards a naturalized explanation of the aestheticPresented at the 1st International Conference Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind, Bremen, Germany.
  4. Xenakis, I. & Arnellos ,A., (2012). Reducing Uncertainty in the Design Process: the Role of Aesthetics, Proceedings of the  8th International Conference on Design & Emotion, London, UK. [Autthor’s Copy]
  5. Xenakis, I., Arnellos, A. & Darzentas J., (2011). Emotions and their Functional Role in Aesthetic Judgment, Presented at the Interactivist Summer Institute 2011, Syros, Greece.
  6. Vosinakis, S. & Xenakis, I., (2011). A Virtual World Installation in an Art Exhibition: Providing a Shared Interaction Space for Local and Remote Visitors. Proceedings of the Re-thinking Technology in Museums 2011, (pp. 253-264), Limerick, Ireland [Autthor’s Copy]

Under Review or in Preparation

  • Aesthetics and Usability: an Interactive Perspective
  • Emotions and perception
  • Aesthetic perception in design process
  • The Psychological State of Being in Presence: a Naturalized Perspective


  •  The Design Research Society and Elsevier  nominate “The relation between interaction aesthetics and affordances”  for the Design Studies Award 2013.
  • “The relation between interaction aesthetics and affordances”, published in 2013 was one of the most highly cited papers during 2014, 2015 and up until June 2016.
  • “The relation between interaction aesthetics and affordances” was the 5th most downloaded in Design Studies 6 months after its publication.
  •  “The Functional Role of Emotions in Aesthetic Judgement” was the 3rd most downloaded in New Ideas of Psychology for the first 6 months of its publication

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